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Anti-arson | Anti-virus | Anti-bacterial | Fireproof | Anti-burglary | Anti-mail theft | Anti-vandal | Flood-proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves house energy | Cuts CO2 emissions


   What is the business case for using it?


As an integrated all-embracing solution, where the benefits of draught-proofing, insulation, passive fire protection and high security are delivered by a single product without the need to door replacement and without compromising the traditional method of mail delivery, IdealGuard™ retrofit solution is very cost-effective and has the potential for large roll-out. It is suitable for fitting to most doors at door manufacturing plants or retrofitted on sites by a contractor or DIY.

It makes sense to insulate the letterbox by fitting IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letter box before, or along, the installation of other products/technologies for improving property security, fire protection, energy-saving and cutting CO2 emissions.

IdealGuard™ products created unrivalled business opportunities for companies, who wish to participate in the products supply chain to customers, such as manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and who visit customer's premises for installation of security, fire and energy-efficiency solutions, allowing capitalising on invoice enhancement, additional revenue streams, growing business and keeping ahead of competition.

It is a great example of the simple, practical retrofit measures that everybody should be doing first, before undertaking costly solutions.

These innovations benefit end-users, integrators and installers

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