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Testimonials and a bit of history


With this website running since 2006, we have been campaigning for the security of the letterbox for the benefit of the British people. At the time and for many years later on, most people, including the trade and those who should be concerned with the fire safety, were not treating this as an issue. Some are not convinced still. This does not come as a surprise, considering the systemic failures in fire protection in the UK that were acknowledged only after the Grenfell fire tragedy.

Presently, if you Google 'letterbox arson' or 'anti-arson letter box', multiple pages will spring up related to this issue. Moreover, there is no hiding from the fact that with the Fire Safety Bill (The Fire Safety Act 2021) becoming a mandatory law, the risk posed by the flat entrance fire doors with the unprotected letter plate that cannot protect against the start or spread of a fire, hopefully, will not be tolerated.

Although, as a result of these changes, debating about whether we should address the letter plate related issues seems to be less necessary, sourcing genuine products for letterbox protection remains an issue. IdealGuard™ products continue to be game changers, exceeding expectations in the prevention of all risks at the letter plate point.

In 2019 we have launched a new website powered by WordPress, which you can visit on https://www.secureletterbox.uk. Check it out for new models IdealGuard™/T.

IdealGuard™ brand made its official public debut with the products first models at International Fire Expo 2007 exhibition at The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham on 21-24 May 2007.

You can read professionals' views on the launch:


"It is the best product I have seen at the exhibition. Very clever and innovative. It is fresh air. I'll certainly recommend it to our customers and surveyors." M Young, Systems Director, ADVANCED FIRETEC LTD.

"Excellent product. A really good idea. I passed the information on to our Housing Department." Mary A Baldwin, County Councillor, Representing Aylesbury North Division, Buckinghamshire County Council

"Very good product. The security is very good." R P Williams, Fire Safety Consultant, BOB WILLIAMS FIRE SAFETY LTD

"I remember seeing your products at FireExpo2007. It was a nice product. I passed on details to Community Safety Department. My point of view: it's a good product, nicely designed." A Richardson, Watch Manager, Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service

"I shall advise it to colleagues and customers." D Reddish, Senior Risk Consultant, HSBC INSURANCE BROKERS LTD

"We are considering using your product in the premises that need protection." J Foster, Health and Safety Officer, LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

"Potentially this is a good product. I shall speak to my colleagues to arrange its demonstration in our office." S Pryke, Risk Surveyor, HISCOX INSURANCE CO.


What the customers have to say:

"Been fitted last week. Absolutely superb." Tony H., security products installer

"We just fitted them in our client's buildings. It's a quantum leap from old (usual) letter box. It is an executive letter box." Kathy N., security products installer

"On the product side, it is beautifully designed, highly functional and user-friendly. Excellent security. Can't imagine how we coped without it before." Andrew White, landlord

"I've sorted the fitting myself. Perfect product. It feels so much safer now. Thank you very much." Ray B., homeowner

"I had it fitted by a carpenter. The carpenter had to read the instructions first. I am very happy with it. Would recommend it to everybody." Cass M., homeowner

"It feels so much warmer and comfy in our house now. No more freezing cold letter box draughts." Mr & Mrs R., homeowners

"We install CCTV and alarms for our customers. Always wondered why people think CCTV and alarm are enough for security? Now with this letter box we offer them a total solution. It is good for them and for our profit margins. It is a great product for security people." Andrew S., installer of security solutions

"I am happy to go green with your letter box and house heat is not lost to the atmosphere. I wish I had gone green earlier." Elaine S., homeowner

"Since I had your product I set my monthly direct debit for gas less by £5. Even with the gas price gone up in December my bills did not go over. I made a smart investment this time." Martin G., homeowner.

"It's much more innovative than I expected. I keep my First Aid Kit and car keys there." Debbie R., homeowner

"We make money off the product end users from installation but they make more money from saving house energy and security. They are getting a lot more than we do." Peter, installer of security and energy-efficiency solutions

"This life is so uncertain. I love to get something tangible that will last and that you can trust to protect your kids." Y.P., homeowner

"We had a new boiler and loft insulation. But it was cold in the lobby from letter box draughts. Only after we had replaced the letterplate with brushes by your letter box that we feel much more comfort. It seems that it makes a far bigger effect to saving energy. Thank you." Harry B., homeowner

"Our neighbours had their car stolen after car keys were fished out through the letter box. It made me to get your product." David, homeowner

"It stops bacteria, germs and viruses that may be lurking on the floor from getting on my mail." Sarah P., tenant

'My fingers are protected from pets and naughty kids and I like pushing the flap down - it is easy! The letter box that we were waiting for. It puts a smile on my face.' Postman Carlos