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Anti-arson | Anti-virus | Anti-bacterial | Fireproof | Anti-burglary | Anti-mail theft | Anti-vandal | Flood-proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves house energy | Cuts CO2 emissions



   How to improve home and office security, fire safety and energy-saving without ruining your bank account?



IdealGuard™ new brand secure by design multifunctional eco letterbox line of products has been tastefully designed as a low-cost solution to help the landlords and social landlords, property owners/managers and occupants protect themselves from the risks and negative effects of the letter plate without the need to replace the door and without compromising the traditional mail deliveries

As it made clear, the unprotected or under-protected letter plate (letterbox) undermines the vital specifications of the front door. This is where retrofitting IdealGuard™ brand secure by design multifunctional eco letterbox product can help like no other product. All one needs to do is install this special security, draught-proofing and insulation product to eliminate or significantly reduce the risks and negative effects associated with the letter plate. As a draught-proofing and insulation products, the IdealGuard™ products are suitable for installation under the current (at the time of writing) Green Deal scheme.

By addressing a real need and focusing on cost-effective performance, IdealGuard™ brand superior products deliver the best value, social, economic and environmental benefits. This range of products is designed as a universal long-term aesthetic solution that is compatible for fitting indoors to almost all kinds of doors/door materials, including fire doors.

Fitting IdealGuard™ letterbox product will not undermine the door structure or increase the fire load of the building and there is no need to change your behaviour as there will be no disruption to mail deliveries through the traditional letter plate (letterbox).

IdealGuard™ brand letterbox products are suitable for newly built properties and for retrofit.

IdealGuard are the only products, which are suitable for fitting at any level (high and low), which expel liquids and protect against flood entering through the letter plate

Main consumer benefits from fitting IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letterbox:
  • superior maintenance-free protection against all known letter plate related risks:
    • arson, fire, burglary, vandalism, theft and flooding
  • increased comfort
  • improved hygiene
  • enhanced door thermal & acoustic properties
  • increased lifespan of a building
  • reduced maintenance work
  • reduced cost of building insurance
  • can deliver fuel bill savings
  • reduced impact of rising energy prices
  • reduced CO2 emissions from the building into the atmosphere
  • compliance with a number of the UK and European mandatory laws in a cost-effective way
  • minimised injury risks to the postal delivery staff

Furthermore, as the product catches the mail, it is helpful to stop virus spread (visit https://www.secureletterbox.uk/idealguard-stops-virus-spread), for back sufferers and people in a wheelchair who cannot access mail when it is scattered on the floor and keeps the mail away from the pets.

There is a lot more to IdealGuard™ brand than first enters the eye. All models are multifunctional with bonus vacant space that can be used for fixing and housing various items and latest technology solutions, such as wireless energy monitor, entry phone, alarm, access control, key cabinet, the Premises information documents and more. The opportunities are endless.

With multiple benefits integrated into a single product you always win whatever benefit you focus on

Most of these benefits will have an immediate effect for the property occupants. It would make homes and offices more secure and comfortable, especially in winter, when one can physically feel the draughts with the associated discomfort and getting colds, never mind higher bills.

This is also important for doors compliance with a number of the mandatory laws and regulations, in particular, the Building Regulations Parts B, E and L, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO), Housing Act 2004 and new Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Local Government Authority (LGA) guidance 'Fire safety in purpose built blocks of flats' Section 62.17 states that one option for upgrading the existing doors for fire resistance is by fitting a protected letterbox ('upgraded FD30S' door).

Rather than being replaced, now most insecure, inefficient and illegal doors can be transformed to be fit for purpose by fitting IdealGuard secure by design multifunctional eco letterbox  



The alternative may mean blocking the letter plate or replacing the whole door and fitting a mailbox.

As the external mailbox is exposed to the environment and it is the usual target for vandalism and mail theft, we have an equally efficient solution for the mailbox.

Fitting IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco mailbox product will provide the best market-leading solution for mailbox security and it is an easy DIY job. You will receive all the usual mail items including letters, magazines and newspapers. In blocks of flats, IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco mailbox can be fitted in entrance lobbies or on exterior walls.

To view IdealGuard products specifications go to Specifying IdealGuard.

Get in control of your letterbox, go green and save money too