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Anti-arson | Anti-virus | Anti-bacterial | Fireproof | Anti-burglary | Anti-mail theft | Anti-vandal | Flood-proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves house energy | Cuts CO2 emissions




Meet the World's First Smart Letter/Mailboxes Powered by the Force of Gravity


Game-Changing Brand IdealGuardTM


Quantum Leap In Letter/Mailbox Engineering Solved The Problem At The Root Level:

Focusing on Prevention of All Risks Insulates & Stops Crime Before It Starts


Immediately Rewarding to Users and with Benefits Beyond Expectations


IdealGuard™ game-changing brand offers a range of secure by design eco letter/mailbox products fully up to date with the latest legislation to suit your need for best possible and cost-effective solutions.

Original entrance/exit doors with a letter plate often need upgrading to reduce the risks and negative effects associated with the letter plate and comply with the mandatory legislation, such as The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Fire Safety Act 2021, Building Regulations Part B, E, L and Q, Construction Products Regulation (CPR), The Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, Housing Act 2004 and more.

Upgrading original entrance/exit doors by eliminating the letter plate may mean replacing the whole door, causing a nuisance with getting the mail, and there is a certain heritage issue here. So, if eliminating the letter plate would be inappropriate, IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letter box products will solve this serious and often life-threatening problem efficiently and at low cost

Secure by design means that IdealGuard™ products have been designed from the ground up to be secure. Malicious practices against the letter plates and letter/mailboxes were taken for granted and care was taken to eliminate or minimise the impact.

IdealGuard™ products are gravity-powered, maintenance-free passive protection products that are quickly fitted at any height level with minimum disturbance to the occupants and are easy to use. For a detailed list of the product's benefits, go to Benefits. For IdealGuard™ products' scope, go to Specifying IdealGuard.

It feels safe in your home and office with IdealGuardTM

IdealGuard™ currently available models

IdealGuard™/U models - universal modular secure by design multifunctional anti-arson, fireproof, anti-burglary, anti-theft, anti-vandal and floodproof eco models, which allow a number of important applications and modifications. The models can fit indoors or outdoors as a letter box or mailbox.

IdealGuard™/UF models - are the IdealGuard™/U models with the upgraded fireproof feature. 

IdealGuard™/M models - anti-arson, fireproof, anti-theft and anti-vandal mailbox models with an inbuilt secure lock. The products can fit outdoors or indoors as a mailbox.

IdealGuard™/L and IdealGuard™/S models - deluxe modular secure by design light (L) and standard (S) anti-arson, fireproof, anti-burglary, anti-theft, anti-vandal and floodproof eco models. Both fit indoors as a letter box.

IdealGuard™ brand is the best value, low cost, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and long-term cost-efficient solution for improving home and office security and energy efficiency

Fitting IdealGuard™/U, /UF, /L and /S models as a letter box


  Choice of letter plate finish



Fitting IdealGuard™/U and /UF models as a mailbox

Also, the universal IdealGuard™/U and /UF models can be surface mounted, recessed or fitted on a stand either outdoors or indoors as a security anti-arson, fireproof, anti-vandal and anti-theft mailbox. In this case the product will enhance security against vandals and criminals who target the outdoor mailboxes and against thieves tempted by the possibility of pulling out checks, cash, identifying information, or other valuables.

IdealGuard™/M mailbox models

When IdealGuard™/U universal model is fitted outdoors as a mailbox, you would likely want to use it with a padlock for restricting access to the stored mail. Therefore, if you need just the mailbox  instead of IdealGuard™/U model, you may find it more convenient choosing modular secure by design multifunctional eco IdealGuard™/M mailbox model with the inbuilt lock

IdealGuard™/M anti-arson, fireproof, anti-theft and anti-vandal models are made of strong steel, have an inbuilt secure lock, and have twice the mail capacity of the IdealGuard™/U and IdealGuard™/L models. Introducing mail items up to A4 size is easy without bending and once introduced, stealing them through the mail slot is virtually impossible. Also, it is very difficult to introduce liquid through the mail slot and any volume of liquid will be expelled out by the force of gravity.  

The products can be surface mounted, recessed or fitted on a stand either outdoors or indoors. These high-security products will enhance security against vandals and criminals who target the outdoor mailboxes and against thieves tempted by the possibility of pulling out checks, cash, identifying information, or other valuables. There is a facility for locking the flap of the letter plate.

IdealGuard™/M security is superior to any other mailbox including the anti-arson ones with an inbuilt fire extinguisher, which were claimed to have been tested 'by simulating potential methods of arson attack'. In fact, they were usually tested using only a piece of burning paper or the unsubstantiated small 100ml of petrol, as in TS009:2012

IdealGuard™ models' normal fitting position is with the letter plate near the product's bottom. However, fitting the products in a reverse position with the letter plate near the product top, like a conventional mailbox, is also possible. With the reverse fitting, security against the introduction of liquids would be reduced, but the capacity for mail can be increased twofold.


Limited Edition IdealGuard™/L and/S letter box models

IdealGuard™/L and IdealGuard™/S models are deluxe modular secure by design multifunctional anti-arson, fireproof, anti-burglary, anti-theft, anti-vandal and floodproof letter box products that will fully insulate the letterbox against loss of house heat and penetration of liquids.

These models are made of stainless steel and are two-point lockable using Chrome-plated toggle locks. Similar to IdealGuard™/U models, they are suitable for fitting indoors as a letter box to a mail slot in a door (or a structure) by attaching to the matching 4"x12" Victorian external letter plate positioned at high- or low-level.

A door will be simply sandwiched between the letter plate and IdealGuard™/U or /L or /S letter box with no added damage to the door structure. There is a facility for locking the flap of the letter plate.