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Anti-arson | Arson proof | Fire proof | Anti-burglary | Anti mail theft | Anti-theft | Anti-vandalism | Flood proof | Anti-terrorist | Saves energy | Cuts CO2 emissions


Specifying IdealGuardTM


All IdealGuard™ products are anti-arson, arson proof, anti-burglary, anti-mail theft, anti-vandalism, flood proof, anti-terrorist, can save house heat and cut CO2 emissins into the atmosphere.

Anti-arson means that the products are designed to prevent arson attempts by filtering out most hazards at the letter plate point without disruption to mail deliveries:

  • introduction of liquids (including flammable liquids) through the letter plate is not possible unless by applying pressure and only to be pushed out due to the force of gravity;
  • solid potential hazards are filtered out at the letter plate point in compliance with the adjustable security level set to customer requirements

In addition, depending on the risk of fire, one should distinguish between IdealGuard™ arson proof and fire proof products.

Arson proof means that they are designed to resist damage to the property from the letter box arson that may originate on the external side of the front door. The tightly sealed strong steel body provides protection against the spread of fire from the letter box into the property and starves the fire from oxygen. 

This delivers exceptional three-tiered maintenance-free security without the use of a fire-extinguisher for protection of the premises, occupants and visitors against letter box arson that may originate on the publicly accessible side of the front door and against the resulting internal spread of fire and smoke.

Usually this is the situation in domestic premises and non-domestic premises like hotels, shops, offices and pubs, which are at risk because of the letter plate fitted in the entrance/exit door and especially if the entrance/exit door is the final exit on escape route.   

These products also offer protection against all other known categories of crime and vandalism through the letter plate, including theft of mail items, 'fishing' and access to locks, and full insulation of the letter plate even when the letter plate flap is open.

Fire proof IdealGuard™/UF secure by design multifunctional eco letter box product is designed for protection of the premises, occupants and visitors as above. In addition it is designed for limiting the spread of fire and smoke through the letter plate (letter box) in case of a fire that may originate on either side of the door: in the flat or in the common areasUsually this is essential for the so called 'compartmentation of flats' with entrance doors facing the common areas.

Although there is no compulsion for fire doors or fire door components to be third party certificated the use of IdealGuard™/UF product with a fire rated door is recommended to be subject to test evidence as the design and construction of the fire rated doors (door assemblies) varies greatly.

Anti-burglary means that IdealGuard™ products do not allow access to door locks through the letter plate.

Anti-mail theft means that IdealGuard™ products resist to the attempts to steal mail items through the letter plate.

Anti-theft means that IdealGuard™ products do not allow theft of items, such as keys, by 'fishing' them out through the letter plate.

Flood proof means that IdealGuard™ products do not allow water penetration through the letter plate into the property.

Modular anti-theft security

In all IdealGuard™ models security against mail theft through the letter plate is available on a modular principle depending on the security attachments used. Three levels of security against mail theft are available in all letter box models: normal, enhanced and ultimate; in mailbox IdealGuard™/M model two security levels are available: normal and enhanced.

Mail theft by using fingers is not possible with all levels of security. With enhanced level of security the mail theft would be only possible by using implements. With ultimate level of security the mail theft is not possible even by using implements.

Letter plate Specifications

All IdealGuard™ models fit at high- and low-level and work with matching 4x12" Victorian letter plate with the flap openable inward the mail slot and provided with special security attachments to restrict maximum aperture to 250mm x 27mm and restrict access without impeding mail deliveries.

On the market 4x12" Victorian letter plate is available in various finish, such as Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, etc.

The letter plate is often the reason why entrance doors/doorsets for flats and apartments are not compliant with a number of the mandatory requirements, such as Building Regulation 2010 Approved Document B for fire safety, Approved Document L for thermal insulation or Approved Document Q for security.

If this is the case such doorsets are likely to achieve the compliance or exceed the requirements after IdealGuard™ secure by design multifunctional eco letter box product is fitted.